Adam Vaughan

liberal candidate in

Spadina-Fort York

Adam Vaughan

liberal candidate in

Spadina-Fort York



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Re-Elect M.P. Adam Vaughan in Spadina-Fort York

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Monday, October 19th
To find out what you’ll need to vote, please visit the
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We can create a better Toronto: one that is easier to live in, easier to move in and one that is easier on the environment.

Spadina-Fort York is in the heart of Toronto. A city that for decades has been home to a vibrant diversity of social, cultural and economic communities. Starting your life in Canada, starting a family, getting an education, building a career or opening a restaurant were all possible. But this is changing. Toronto is becoming a harder and harder place to raise a family or build a business.

This election gives you the opportunity to make a choice that can have a real impact right here in this community. Because to make Toronto a better place to live and work, we need all levels of government to work together. For too long, we’ve sent our taxes and our politicians to Ottawa and received too little in return. It’s time for a change.

I’ve lived and worked in this riding almost all my life. I’ve lived in the old houses and the new condos, spent summers on the lakefront and winters in the parks playing shinny. There is much to love, but there is much that a new federal government must do to protect our quality of life.

Our neighbourhoods need better transit — not just new lines, but better service. That means a federal partner who understands the need for stable funding to help meet growing transit needs. While more affordable housing is needed, existing units must also be repaired. The new condo communities are a great place to start a family, but we also need to be able to raise children in these neighbourhoods. It’s time the federal government had a national housing strategy that works for our fastest growing cities.

We also need to keep our main streets vibrant. Small businesses not only create jobs, they keep communities safe. Active streets with a healthy mix of independent businesses, strong local cultural institutions and community services need a federal representative that understands this, instead of ignoring it.I have spent my life contributing to the debate over the future of this city. I’ve led the fight for family housing, made sure city streets are designed for people, and I’ve fought to protect and create space for artists and creative industries in our community. I’ve built new parks and daycare, delivered affordable housing and defended the waterfront.

We could be doing so much better if the federal government acted as a partner here in downtown Toronto. This riding could do better if we elected politicians focused on building a better quality of life instead of just building a life for themselves in politics. Good words are not enough; we need to elect people who actually get good things done.

I want to get back to Ottawa to continue to make a difference in the riding I call home. I hope I can earn your support so we can work together to make it happen.

Adam Vaughan