Liberals move forward to support Arts & Culture


Our community is full of creators—actors, writers, painters, filmmakers, dancers, musicians, sculptors, performers, makers, doers. As Liberals, we’ve made sure to support their work.

Over the last four years we:

  • We made the biggest reinvestments in our cultural and creative industries in Canada’s history—investments that have given direct support to artists and created good jobs for Canadian talent.
  • Increased funding to Telefilm Canada, Canada Council for the Arts, National Film Board, National Arts Centre, Canadian Media Fund, Canada Music Fund.
  • Made unprecedented investments in Indigenous cultures: supported indigenous artists and cultures through festivals, languages, the National Film Board, Telefilm Canada or the Canada Council for the Arts.
  • Fought hard to gain a general cultural exemption from USA and Mexico under the new NAFTA to protect our cultural industries.
  • Provided nearly $2 billion in cultural infrastructure as part of Investing in Canada Plan, helping upgrade theatres, museums, creative hubs, and more.

A re-elected Liberal government commits to:

  • Ensure more people have access to Canadian culture and artists can continue to tell our stories:
    • Introduce the Culture Pass, a $200 credit every child will receive at age 12, to be used to access theatres, museums, galleries, workshops, and other cultural venues and local Canadian content;
    • Strengthen the regional mandate of CBC/RadioCanada, so that local stations can broadcast more local news; require CBC/Radio-Canada to open up its digital platform, so that journalism start-ups and community newspapers can access technology to develop and distribute local content;
    • Continue to support Canadian film by increasing annual funding for Telefilm Canada by nearly 50 per cent a year;
    • Review our national museums policy to make sure that people can access Canadian history across the country, with better access to digital collections; and will move forward with making the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre into a national museum
    • Introduce a new Cultural Diplomacy strategy, with at least one international mission each year to promote Canadian culture and creators around the world; and
    • Introduce legislation to ensure all content providers – including internet giants – offer meaningful levels of Canadian content in their catalogues, contribute to the creation of Canadian content in both official languages, and promote this content and make it easily accessible on their platforms.

From the writers who tell our stories to the comedians who make us laugh to the artists whose music forms the soundtrack of our lives, Our city and our country are constantly enriched by artists’ contributions. Let’s keep working to protect, promote and strengthen the culture that brings Canadians together and makes us strong.