Response to Andrew Scheer’s Misinformation Campaign

When I was a journalist, you couldn’t call someone a liar if they only lied once. You could only call them a liar if they did it repeatedly. 

The Conservatives have mailed a deliberately misleading letter to thousands of Canadians. It repeats something they know to be completely untrue. The Conservatives are trying to scare voters into thinking the Liberals have a plan to tax their home. The Conservatives know this isn’t true.

To be perfectly clear. Again. It’s not in our platform. We’ve never considered it. It’s not something the party has endorsed. It’s not something the party will endorse. It won’t happen after we’re re-elected. Period. 

Andrew Scheer knows this. The Conservative Party has been told this, and yet they won’t stop sharing it. Even after the media has confronted and exposed Scheer’s campaign of misinformation, the Conservatives continue to deliberately spread this falsehood. 

What I do know to be true is that a re-elected Liberal government will make homeownership attainable and secure. Liberals will give you up to 10% off the purchase price of your first home with the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive. We will drive prices down by taxing foreign speculators who buy homes and then leave them empty – we will protect families who are being priced out of buying their first home. 

It’s 2019, in the age of growing concern about election interference, disinformation campaigns and fake news. Canadians deserve more from their political leaders. They deserve more from Andrew Scheer. The Conservatives seem more focused on propaganda than having an honest conversation with Canadians. The Conservatives have such a weak housing policy it seems they would rather misrepresent ours than talk about theirs.

Scheer continues to sink to new low. These tactics have infected Canadian politics with south-of-the-border style misinformation.

I know this letter won’t stop Scheer, but I hope that when voters hear him continue to not tell the truth, they will pause to ask themselves why Scheer think he needs to trick them into voting Conservative.

These tactics speak volumes about his character, and his plan for Canada. He has shown a clear willingness to “get ahead” by dodging the facts. Canadians should expect better.

This October Canadians have a choice: go backwards to the failed policies and tactics of the Conservatives or choose forward and build on the progress we’ve made together.